Q & A for Forensics

Forensics Q&A

What is Forensics, anyway?
Forensics is an awesome activity that gives scholars a chance to improve their speaking and presenting skills while having fun! There are many different categories to match the varied types of students that participate. We will have a mandatory evening meeting for parents and students on Monday, November 3rd at 4pm to answer any questions you have.

When do we practice?
November and December- we will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30pm after school. January through March we will be going down to only Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm after school. (Early Dismissal Weeks Practice will be changed from Thursday to Tuesday)

Excluding, of course, those Tuesdays/Thursdays we do not have school.

What do we do at practice?
We usually start with an all group meeting (snack and game). This is when I will tell them about upcoming events and expectations. In the beginning scholars will be given the opportunity to choose their categories and choose their pieces. Later we will divide up into small groups and they will practice their piece with coaches and other scholars observing. Some pieces have to be memorized while others are not. This will be determined by the category a scholar chooses.

Do we have a snack?
Yes! Students will sign up to provide a snack for the group.

Can parents ever see their scholars perform?
Unfortunately, forensics is not like volleyball where you can go and cheer your team on. When we go to tournaments, the scholars are performing in a classroom with other scholars in their category. Parents are not able to watch them perform but they will be needed to Judge and help set up a "home base" to go to while the scholars are not performing. I am also planning on having a performance night where family members will be able to come and enjoy all their hard work later on in the season.

How do we get kids to the tournaments?
The parents are responsible for getting their scholars to the tournaments and picking them up. I will give all the information you will need to get there. If a parent would like to set up a carpool they are more than welcome to discuss that among each other.

What are my scholar's responsibilities?
Your scholar is responsible to show up for scheduled practices, work on their pieces at home, be respectful, to clean up after themselves, not to wander around the school during practices, perform their piece at least one tournament or the performance night at school (you work so hard you might as well show it off), sign up to bring snack for the group at least 2 times, and do their best to be supportive of their teammates.

Is there any way that I can help?
Yes! We need your help. We need additional judges for the tournaments, (you will have to go to a training) and for a parent to be "home base" at the tournaments (tournaments last all day and scholars will appreciate someone to go to talk and to have snacks available) It would be nice if each parent became involved in some way!

How long do the tournaments go?
All day! The tournaments often start at 8:30am and go to 3:30pm.

Do the scholars need to go to all the tournaments?
No. They may go to as few, or as many, as they would like.

How do scholars sign up for a tournament?
I will send home a schedule of all the tournaments we plan on attending. Parents and scholars should look over this, figure out what they can go to, sign it, and return it with the fee by January 5th.

What age student participates in Forensics?
All 6th through 8th graders are eligible!

Is this an individual or group activity?
Well, both. They can compete in a solo category, like storytelling or solo acting. Or they may participate in a group category, like group interpretation or group acting. If your scholar is in a group it will be helpful to check that all of their tournament schedules work together.

If I have any questions, who should I contact?
Mr. Wengelewski- pwengelewski@catholiceast.org

Or you may call at school at (414) 964-1770 and leave a message at any time.

Check the Forensics Page on our Website at http://www.catholiceast.org/scholars/forensics.cfm (found under Scholars Activities and Extracurriculars) for more information!

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