Zearn/Eureka Math

For this school year, we have moved from Saxon math to Zearn in grades 5K-5th grade and Eureka in grades 6-8.  Zearn and Eureka were inspired by the Math series Engage New York.  When many states across the country began adopting or aligning to the Common Core Standards, the state of New York wrote math, reading and language arts units of study to ensure that teachers had the tools and supports to appropriately cover each of the standards and key skills.  Zearn is a blended learning program that allows for the teacher to apply these units in a personalized way, meeting individual student needs.  The program was designed to be exciting for students.  The program also comes with whole-group and small group weekly lessons.  Eureka, is a textbook version of the Engage New York math series.  As Zearn expands into grades 6, 7 and 8, our plan is to adopt and integrate this curricula into our school.  Zearn is particularly attractive to Catholic East Elementary as it builds off of the blended learning model that we have been implementing for a couple of years now. Scholars have the opportunity to work on the online component at their pace and the teacher provides instruction to the other half of the class.

See Zearn and Eureka Math in Action!

What is Zearn Math? from Zearn on Vimeo.