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September in K5B

September was a fast paced and wonderful month! We hit the ground running, or should I say learning! The scholars are doing a fantastic job and are already growing so much. I can honestly say I look forward to seeing each of their smiling faces each and every day.


We have been learning so many fun things. In ELA we are learning how to read, write, and spell while we rotate through our Daily 5 literacy stations. We just wrapped up our text features unit where scholars worked hard to identify labels, bold words, captions, and photographs. We read lots of books with these text features and the scholars created their own to help remember what each text feature does. Next week we are going to start our Guided Reading groups.In Math we are working very hard at counting and writing to 5. Scholars are getting better and faster everyday. This month we have had the chance to do lots of fun science and religion activities such as making our own bibles, learning about the Holy Spirit, and working on our 5 senses and science experiments. 


I am very proud of our scholars for how well they did on their MAP tests! The focus and attention of these 5 year olds as they tested was amazing to watch. They rocked it! You will be updated on results soon. Teachers are going to be looking over results and processing what they mean once all scholars are done testing. We have also met with our 4th grade buddies and they are all becoming fast friends. This month scholars partnered with their 4th graders to draw and color fall pictures. 


Stay tuned for our next set of adventures. 


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