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This Week in K5A

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Happy Back to School

We are off to an amazingly strong start in the St.Norbert College K5 classroom! Scholars are hard at work reading, writing, and becoming mathematicians. We have been practicing so many routines and procedures such as FLYing in the hallway, working through centers, using problem solving strategies, and unpacking/packing up our backpacks. We will continue to practice and become masters of K5. Scholars are working so hard reviewing and learning letters and letter sounds as well as the 3 ways to read (the words, pictures, or by retelling a story). We have built our reading stamina to a whole 8 minutes, PHENOMENAL progress. Scholars are also learning all about manipulatives in math so they can use them to become better mathematicians and mathematical thinkers. Way to go scholars. I look forward to many more successful learning and work filled weeks in K5B! Please enjoy our first of many class pics (minus a Ryley who we missed on Thursday).


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