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This Week in K5A

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A Fun Week 1 for K5B

Week 1 was a success for all in K5B. We learned a lot about procedures, dove into reading, went through some math rotations, and created rules we think will make a great environment to learn and grow in. Getting to know my new scholars has been so fun. I already feel like we have our own little family. We have some pretty sweet scholars. In Math we learned all about how we treat our materials and how we work together to learn while we rotate through math centers. We also talked about turn and talk partners and made a list of what turning and talking to each other about math looks like. In Daily 5 (our literacy block) we learned about respectfully reading to ourselves. Scholars were able to read to themselves in a quiet spot (that they pick for themselves) in a whisper read voice. By the end of the week all of our hard work paid off and scholars read 3 minutes to themselves! We will be continuing to add minutes to our time and before we know it, K5B will be full of outstanding readers! Scholars know that even if they do not know how to read all of the words of a book yet, they can read a book by looking at the pictures, memorizing stories they know, or trying their best with the words they do know. On Friday we had a special treat! Our morning assembly ended with a Luau. We learned to hula from a K5A mom and got to wear lei! The children did a great job hula dancing and getting excited to take MAP tests at the end of the month! 


I cannot wait for another week of fun filled learning with your amazing scholars. Go Eagles!  


Our Friday Festivities :) 

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