Post Title: A FaBOOlous Day in K5B

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This Week in K5A

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A FaBOOlous Day in K5B

 Happy Halloween!!


Yesterday we spent our morning rotating around the school in different groups filled with scholars from each class in the school. Scholars had the chance to participate in activities in each classroom with each teacher at Holy Rosary. In the afternoon K5A and K5B combined for some fun Halloween games including pin the stem on the pumpkin, candy corn relay races, musical chairs, and some candy/Halloween snacks to end the day. Below I have put a brief description of what went down in each classroom/at each rotation. I have also attached some photos from the fun filled day. 


Science: Scholars explored sensory bins with Halloween themes. 

ELA: Scholars listened to the book "Turkey Trick or Treat", talked about costumes in the book and in the room, drew pictures of their costumes. 

Movie: Watched Halloween themed movies. 

Art: Scholars made el dia de los muertos skeletons (the symbol of the day of the dead holiday. 

Math: Scholars measured how many pumpkins tall they were with paper pumpkins. They got to draw pictures of themselves next to the pumpkins and color some pumpkins. 

Music/Movement: Danced along to Just Dance and Go Noodle Halloween Songs. 



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