Post Title: What 4th Grade Has Been Up To

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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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What 4th Grade Has Been Up To

Hello from a very busy 4th grade!

These last few weeks have been busy and just flown by. Last week we took our Winter MAPS test. The scholars worked really hard and made great gains from their Fall tests. Last week we also took a field trip to the Wisconsin Art Museum out in West Bend. The scholars loved walking around and learning about each exhibit. At the end of the trip the scholars were able to create their own still life drawing inspired by one of the artists. Be sure to stop by at Open House and check them out! Last week we also had a presenter from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board come in and teach us all about the food Wisconsin produces. The presentation was super engaging and we even got to try some cheese at the end! Be sure to check out the pictures from both events in the albums.

This week the scholars had a Sharp Literacy presentation on Wednesday where they learned about immigrants, emmigrants, abolishonists, and many other cool topics. We had Fountas and Pinell testing this week as well where the scholars made more gains. Tomorrow we will be wrapping up the week with a Math art project involving ice cream sundaes! Stay tuned for the pictures.

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