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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Welcome Back!

Hello 4th grade families and welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to spend quality time with their families.

This week 4th grade resumes back to their regular ELA homework schedule. Today both classes received a spelling worksheet. This is the worksheet that is given out every Monday and is due on Tuesday. Scholars are expected to sort their words 2 different ways, examples of sorts are listed on the bottom. Scholars may also sort their words by their patterns if they would like. Scholars need to sort a total of 10 words to receive full credit (this is a 10 point assignment).

Scholars were assigned their reading log today as well. The reading log is located in their assignment notebook. They are required to write down how many pages they read, how long they read for (should be 20 min), they need an adult's signature, and then they sign their own reading log. This is worth 4 points and it is due every Friday.

Tomorrow they will receive their Tic Tac Toe spelling sheets. This is to be completed in their spelling notebooks and turned in on Friday.

Scholars are expected to write their spelling words into their assignment notebooks every Monday (it is part of our morning routine) so that they have a copy in case they left them at school.

In Social Studies 4th grade will continue learning about the early native settlers here in Wisconsin.

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