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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update

I just wanted to send out an update on what has been going on in the 4th grade. 

ELA: We are nearing the end of our Storytelling Unit and will be embarking on our final "big writing piece this week." The scholars have really enjoyed this unit and are excited to do their final writing piece.

Math: You probably have noticed that there has been fewer pieces of Math homework over the last week. That is simply do to the end of the year testing and the time we have been taking to do our Career Fair project. After the Career Fair this week Math will be back on our normal schedule and you will see more homework coming home. In Math we jumped into a unit on Geometry and scholars will be learning how to use a protractor this week, and will learn how to measure angles.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up the Career Fair this week. The scholars have loved this project and can't wait to share their jobs with you on Wednesday. When we aren't working on the project we have been busy reading different stories of immigrants who came to Wisconsin long ago and helped shape our great state's history.

Religion: Scholars have been learning about community and how to work and live in a community with the common good in mind. They have also been busy selling candy bars before school to raise money for CRS. We have sold so much already that we have had to restock our candy! Thank you to those who sent money with their scholars to buy candy!

MAPS and Forward testing is finally over for the 4th grade! I am so incredibly proud of how the scholars did on their final MAPS test this year. Look for the scores to be coming home in a week or so.

Important Dates:

Wednesday: Career Fair in SSPP gym at 1:45. Scholars may dress up or dress as their career. No jeans or sweatpants.

Friday: SSPP Spring Concert in the church at 2:30. Scholars may dress up; no jeans or sweatpants.

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