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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 3/22

Good Morning 4A Parents,

We finally made it to Friday and finished our first week of Forward testing! Thank you so much for helping your scholars get to school on time and be prepared for the testing. Here is what is happening next week in 4A.

Monday- We will be finishing up the ELA portion of the Forward exam starting at 8:30. This is our make-up day from Tuesday when we weren't able to test due to server problems. This is the listening portion of the ELA test so please remind your scholars to have headphones for this section.

Tuesday- Math session 1 Forward testing starting at 8:30.

Wednesday- Math session 2 Forward testing starting at 9:30. After school will be the informational meeting for Girls Running Club 3:30-approx 3:50.

Thursday- All School Mass at Holy Rosary with Saints for Success. Choir scholars are Lauren and Kayleigh. 

Friday- Fish Fry 

Here is the link for Gala donations if you need it:

Have a great weekend!

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