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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 3/15

Good afternoon 4A Families,

Today 4th grade spent all morning preparing for the Forward Exam next week. We test Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We will be taking the ELA sessions (written language, listening, reading, and writing). The scholars are bringing home the examples we worked through today, and can continue to practice at home. Here is the link for the practice questions:  all of the login information is right on the screen, they don't need any other credentials.

Next week there will not be spelling or reading homework so that scholars can come home, relax, and get a good night's sleep. Our testing sessions start right away at 8:30 sharp. Please make sure scholars are on time to school on testing days, and have eaten a good breakfast. We will be providing a healthy snack for all scholars Monday-Wednesday so please do not send any snacks on those days. Scholars will need headphones for the test on Tuesday. Please check with your scholars that their headphones are working and if they need a new pair. If you have any questions about testing please contact Mrs. Starr, Miss Jones, or myself. 

Our cantor singers next week for Mass are: Khamiah and Evelyn.

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