Post Title: Weekly Update 2/22

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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 2/22

This week in ELA we continued our unit on biographies. The scholars wrote their rough draft of their bio paragraphs and continued their research. In Social Studies we started Chapter 5 which talks about Wisconsin becoming a state and the branches of government.

The permission slip for skating is due next Friday.

Trimester 2 ends on Wednesday, March 5th. This means that all late work must be turned into me by next Friday, March 1st. This weekend would be a good time for scholars to check PowerSchool and make a list of their missing assignments. If they give me the list I can gather the work for them to do. I have been entering grades throughout the day and will continue to do so over the weekend. 

Next Friday is Dress Like a Book Character Day 

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