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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 12/16

Good Afternoon 4th Grade Families,

It is hard to believe that we are in the final countdown to Christmas Break. These last few weeks have flown by. I wanted to send out a quick schedule for this week and a little blurb about what we've been up to.

Tuesday: Regularly Scheduled Programming: Uniform Day

Wednesday: Snowman Village 9:30-10:00,  Uniform Day

The Catholic East PTO is hosting a Snowman Village Holiday Store. During this program, your scholar will have the opportunity to shop for their very own inexpensive, high quality gifts for family and friends during school hours. All items are priced from 25 cents to $10.00 with most ranging between $2.00 and $6.00. Gifts will be wrapped in "peek-proof" bags so that no surprises are spoiled. Please send money with your child in an envelope the day of the event.

Thursday: Concert Night: Scholars may come to school in their Christmas Concert outfit or their uniform. If they are dressed down, a violation will be written, and they will need to change.

Friday: Christmas Party at the end of the day: 

2nd-8th Grade will be allowed to wear their favorite ugly sweater or appropriate Christmas attire:

“Ugly” Christmas Sweater

Christmas colors (green, red, white)

Jeans are okay if you are wearing Christmas colors with them

Any scholar who does not follow through with these rules will be issued a uniform violation, parents will be contacted, and the scholar will need to change before returning to class.

ELA: We are cruising through our unit on Storytelling. We have read a story from Indigenous People from the Pacific Northwest. This week we read two stories from the American Frontier. Next week we will be looking at another story from Indigenous People and a couple stories from Africa. The goal of this unit is to explain how storytelling and folktales are used to persevere cultures.

Math: We are continuing to work on division using different strategies. Keep practicing the multiplication facts at home!

Science: We started a new unit on energy. This introductory energy unit will encourage students to think about the energy that things need to move. Students will explore how energy makes things go, from powering vehicles to moving one’s body. Students will experiment with rubber bands to discover the relationship between how much energy is stored in a material and how much is released. They will investigate the role that hills play in making roller coasters move and the energy transfer that happens when two objects collide. Students will realize that thinking about the world in terms of energy helps them make sense of how and why things speed up and slow down. Hands-on activities focus on engineering, testing hypotheses and using results to develop their ideas.

Social Studies: This week we are starting Chapter 5 which focuses on the Lead Rush, The Black Hawk War, and the process Wisconsin went through to become a state.

Religion: We will continue to decorate our Jesse tree and share the story of Christmas.

I know that this is a busy time for everyone and the sickness is going around. If your child is going to be missing school, please let me or the school know as soon as possible!

Have a great week!

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