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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 1/20

We had another great week here in the 4th grade. We are in full swing of our new ELA unit on Biographies. The scholars seem to be loving it which is awesome. In this unit so far, we have covered what a biography is, what the difference is between an autobiography and biography, and the work that goes into writing biographies. We have also talked briefly about author bias and point of view. The scholars have had many writing opportunities as well. They interviewed a scholar in their class and then wrote a biographical paragraph using the information from the interview. They also wrote a true story from their lives in first person point of view and then switched it to third person the next day.

I am excited to continue the unit this week focusing on non-fiction text features. This week there will be no spelling or reading homework.

In Social Studies we are quickly wrapping up our chapter on the Fur Trade Era here in Wisconsin, and will be preparing for a test in the next week or so.

We will be finishing up our MAP testing on Thursday and Friday morning. We will be completing the Math portion of the test on Thursday and Friday morning. Scholars have spent several weeks preparing for the test, and I am confident they will do well. The best way to help your child prepare for the test is to have them practice at home using the links on the school website, ensure that they are getting plenty of sleep the nights before the test, and eating a filling breakfast the morning of. Please look out for an email towards the end of the week that will detail the information for Catholic Schools Week.

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