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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 1/13

I hope you all stayed warm during the snowy weekend. This morning scholars had the opportunity to share any prayer intentions they had. Several scholars prayed for Puerto Rico and the recent earthquakes that have happened there. I know a few families have family members that are there, please know that we are thinking of them praying for their safety. 

This week we have a fairly normal schedule. The only “special” day is Wednesday when we have MAPS testing. I made a typo on the weekly homework sheet and said that MAPS was Tuesday and not Wednesday, I apologize for that. With MAP testing there is a possibility that we may not get to our Math lesson that day so there may not be homework, otherwise all the other homework that is listed on there will be correct.

Please make sure on Tuesday night scholars are getting plenty of sleep and that they eat a good breakfast Wednesday morning. Our testing time starts right away Wednesday so it will be really important that scholars are on time, so they are not disrupting others who are testing, and so that they themselves do not feel rushed.


Have a great week!

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