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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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Weekly Update 10/11

Good Afternoon 4th Grade Families,


We had another fantastic week in 4th grade. Here is what we've been up to!


ELA: We have read the first 7 chapters of the Percy Jackson book and have been working on describing characters, summarizing chapters, and identifying heroes. We also learned about note taking strategies to get us ready for the end of the unit project. 


Math: We are quickly coming up to the end of our first mission. The mission ends with multi-step word problems. Scholars will receive a review sheet on Monday and will have the test on Wednesday.


Social Studies: We are almost done with the project presentations. Next week we will start on Chapter 3 which is all about the first people to live in Wisconsin.


Science: We will be wrapping up our lesson on how our eyes work in the dark and then will be moving on to a lesson on how our brain controls our bodies.


Religion: Mrs. Dahlgren and I have been working on going through the vocations and what each one of them means.


Please see the attachments below for the Yo-Yo sales as well as the information for Battle of the Books.

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