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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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News Blast!

ELA: Last week we finished our final drafts of our essays. This week Wednesday and Thursday the scholars will be sharing their essays and poems with the class. We are practicing in class today with partners. At the end of the week we will be starting a new Unit. Our focus will be on making inferences to questions we have while we read. 

Grammar: This week our focus is still on nouns. We are looking at the differences between common and proper nouns. We will take a 2 part quiz on Thursday and Friday. If scholars do well on this quiz we will move on to singular and plural nouns next week.
Math: On Friday scholars completed their Orlando vacation planning project. We will be going over these this week and making any corrections to them as needed. We will also continue our work on measuring items. This week we will be focused on inches and feet and showing how those measurements relate to each other. 
Science: Our focus this week is on parts of a flower. We will look at the different parts and talk about what they do and how they help a flower survive. Next week I hope to do a flower dissection lab. 
Social Studies: Scholars should have brought home a review sheet on Friday with a note sheet stapled to that. We are reviewing in class today and will take the vocab test tomorrow. I will be going over everything that will be on this test and giving scholars time to quiz each other. Starting next week we will start our chapter on the fur trade in Wisconsin. 
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