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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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February Check In

Hi Everyone,

It's been a very busy month here in the 4th grade. If you check out the video above, Sara, Katelyn, and Amani will tell you all about our last week. It does get hard to hear at some points because recess was occurring just outside the doors! I have the video summed up below:


In ELA we have finished up the Greek Mythology unit and have now started a unit on storytelling. Next week we will read through the play "Pushing Up the Sky." This week we took a deep look at what storytelling is and wrote an informative essay on storytelling.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have taken a break from out text book and have been working on 2 research projects. The first project was on an Olympic athlete. The scholars needed to choose an Olympic athlete current, or past who openly talked about, or practiced their faith/religious views. The scholars had to find out if the athletes received any negative responses about their openness with their views. The second project we are currently in the middle of and it revolves around Black History Month. Scholars had to pick a famous or not so famous African American who impacted America's history. The catch was that they could not pick a popular sports player or muscian like LeBron James or Beyonce. The scholars are currently in the research process and will start writing their bios on this person in the next week


In Math we are working on division and will be moving into prime and composite numbers as well as factors. 


In Religion we just started chapter 4 which focuses on human dignity. This chapter matches up perfectly with our Social Studies activities.

The scholars have also been doing a side project of keeping track of all the medals won in the Olympics. We set up a working bulletin board down stairs and are updating it daily.

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