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Welcome to Marquette (4th Grade)

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A Sneak Peek into this Week

Hello All!


Welcome to the 4th Grade weekly blog. I will do my best to update this blog weekly and let you know what we've been up to. 


*Unfortunately Mrs. Opgenorth was out sick on Monday but the scholars contintued to work hard with the sub. The highlight of Monday was playing around on the chromebooks with Newsela. Newsela is a program we will be using weekly as part of our ELA blended learning classroom. Newsela takes newspaper articles from places like The Washington Post and rewrites them in kid friendly language and are at your scholar's reading level. Each week I will assign a Newsela article and the scholar will be responsible for reading the article and making annotations. After they make their annotations they will take a 3-4 question quiz about what they just read. Newsela will keep track of their scores and send them to me so I can conference with your scholar and support them better. Check out the article we read this week!


*On Tuesday the scholars participated in their first chalk talk in Social Studies. A chalk talk is where the scholars have a conversation with a partner or group of 3 but they can only talk through writing; they can't use their voices. The scholars did an amazing job with this and really impressed me. During their chalk talks they were shown pictures of the Capitol building in Madison from the 1900s and they had to try and figure out what was going on in the pictures.


*On Wednesday in ELA the scholars had the opportunity to analyze a few pages of the novel we are reading. We practiced our Close Reading skills by rereading certain sections of the book and summarizing them in our own words. Then the scholars had to go back into the book and act like a detective and find evidence to support their summary. Although it was challenging at times, they perservered and did a great job!


*On Thursday the scholars wrote their first poem in our poetry unit. It was a free verse poem that was only one sentence long! They started out by brainstorming a list of things they depend on in their lives. Then they had to pick their favorite topic and write a sentence about it using vivid description words. After that they were able to break their sentence up into lines and stanzas and publish their poems. It was amazing to see the care, effort, and time the scholars took to make their poems perfect!


*The highlight of Friday was the Battle of the Books Bake Sale at lunch. The scholars worked so hard Thursday night baking away and had a lot of fun selling their items. Final numbers are not in yet but after the first lunch period we could tell the sale was a success.

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